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The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 established tax credits of up to $2,000 for builders of all new energy-efficient homes. Initially scheduled to expire at the end of 2007, the tax credit was extended several times, and is now set to expire at the end of 2016. Tax credits for qualifying homes from previous years can be claimed retroactively.
The home qualifies for the credit if:

  • It is located in the United States;
  • Its construction is substantially completed before December 31, 2016;
  • It is certified to reduce heating and cooling energy consumption by 50% relative to the 2006 IECC; and
  • It is acquired from the eligible contractor after December 31, 2013, and before January 1, 2017, for use as a residence.

Builder's Energy Efficient Tax Credit

A home energy rating is an analysis of a home’s energy efficiency; as per the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index. The HERS Index Score can be described as a sort of miles-per-gallon (MPG) sticker for houses, giving prospective buyers and homeowners an insight as to how the home ranks in terms of energy efficiency. A score of 70 means the house is expected to be 30% more efficient than a code-built house with the same geometry in the same location. A score of 0 is a net-zero energy home which is expected to produce as much energy on site annually as it consumes. A HERS score can:

  • Provide builders with a valuable marketing tool.
  • Show if a house qualifies for the $2000 federal builder's tax credit.
  • Make it easy for potential buyers to understand the value of an energy efficient home.
  • Give builders an analysis of each energy efficiency measure being utilized.
  • Be used as a tool during the design phase to compare the value of different energy efficiency measures.
  • Qualify potential buyers for reduced-rate energy efficient mortgages.

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what can a HERS rating do for you?

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