Today’s homebuyers are looking for assurance that the home they purchase is energy-efficient. Join the thousands of builders across the country who are using the U.S. EPA’s trusted ENERGY STAR label, recognized by 89% of Americans, to give their homebuyers confidence they have made the right choice. The certification process may be easier than you think.

NW Energy star homes certification

  • Improve Your Construction Process. Participating in the ENERGY STAR program can help you improve your construction process.
  • Reduce your construction costs: Building ENERGY STAR certified homes will reduce your lumber costs and offer cost savings through right-sized HVAC units.
  • Minimize costly call backs:  ENERGY STAR builders report that they have seen a reduction in comfort-related complaints.
  • Standardize your building practices:  Using ENERGY STAR’s Program Requirements, you can help standardize specs for subcontractors for bidding and work performance purposes.
  • Obtain industry vetted support:  EPA can provide you with best practices from builders across the country for your specific climate.
  • Sell More Homes. Partnering with ENERGY STAR gives you access to a number of free ENERGY STAR sales and marketing resources that can help you sell more homes.
  • Co-brand with ENERGY STAR: Display the ENERGY STAR logo with your own company’s logo.
  • Turn-key Marketing and Sales Training Tools:  Use free marketing collateral and sales training resources to help position yourself as an ENERGY STAR builder.
  • Awards and Recognition: Stand out from your competition by receiving national recognition from the EPA.

Enjoy the benefits of certification

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